My Coast – Mooney Mooney

The A-Z of the Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Welcome to the thirteenth installment of my photo blog exploring my local area, the Central Coast. This week’s destination, Mooney Mooney, marks the halfway point in my exploration.

M-Mooney Mooney

Mooney Mooney is the southernmost suburb of the Central Coast. It is situated on the Hawkesbury River which marks the boundary between the northern most suburb of Sydney, which is Brooklyn. The name Mooney Mooney is an aboriginal word. The exact meaning of it is unclear, but one theory is that it could mean “many Kangaroos”. There are only a few residential properties in the small suburb and a population of around 350 people.

The plaque from Deerubbun Reserve

Mooney Mooney is significant ‘for its association with the early settlement of coastal NSW’ as detailed on a plaque in the Deerubbun reserve picnic area. In 1844 one of the early colonial settlers, George Peat, started a ferry service across the Hawkesbury River from Mooney Mooney point to Kangaroo point on the southern side of the river. Nowadays the main route for traffic across the river is the Hawkesbury River bridge which carries traffic on the M1 motorway and the old Pacific Highway. I cross this bridge every day on my commute to work.

Looking out from the rocks out to the Hawkesbury Bridge

The Deerubbun Reserve has been developed for public access to the river. It has a boat ramp for access to the water and you can see lots of fishermen launching from there as well as pleasure craft. There is a spot for fishermen to clean off their catch and just up from the boat ramp is the picnic area. It is also a very popular spot for caravanners and those with mobile homes for overnight stays .

The boat ramp at Deerubbun Reserve

When we were walking around  the reserve the thing that caught the kids eyes instantly was the rock wall. It provides a man made barrier to protect from the incoming tides and has many eye catching patterns on the rocks. It was perfect for climbing. We all climbed the length of the wall and back the first time and then it was my turn to take both the kids the next time. Ruby and Ryan were having a blast jumping from one rock to another and it was a big struggle to convince them to leave!

Me and the kids on the rocks – taken by Tash

The social centre of Mooney Mooney is the club. I can testify as to how good the food is here as we have been there for Sunday lunch with friends before. The desserts are especially good and it was a real pleasure indulging my sweet tooth here. If you can get a table at the back of the restaurant the view looks out over the river and out towards the ocean. There is a playground to keep the kids entertained, as well as a chuck pen down in the gardens. It really is an awesome spot to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The Mooney Mooney Club

To conclude our Mooney Mooney trip we took the long way home on the Pacific Highway, which winds it way around the picturesque hillsides providing glimpses of the water at each sharp turn.

Looking east from the Hawkesbury Bridge

Thank you very much for reading. If you would like to be notified of my next post, where the destination will be Norah Head please click the link on the right.


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