My Coast – Long Jetty

The A-Z of the Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Welcome to the twelfth installment of my fortnightly photo blog exploring my local area, the Central Coast. This week’s destination is Long Jetty.

L-Long Jetty

Long Jetty is set on a Peninsula between Tuggerah Lake and the Pacific Ocean. It is a small residential suburb in the middle of the Central Coast region, just south of The Entrance, with a population of around 5,000. The suburb has seen a lot of change over the years. It used to be home to a  number of bank branches, but now the main street has been revived as a local hub for furniture stores.

The view over Tuggerah Lake from the Long Jetty

Long Jetty is named after the jetty at the end of Archibold Street. It recently celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015. The jetty used to be used to provide a cross lake service to Wyong over the other side. Nowadays it is used by walkers, fisherman and hoardes of photographers. The sun sets in the west looking across the lake from the jetty which can provide spectacular sunset shots on the right evening .


The algae collector boat

Long Jetty is home to several restaurants, the Long Jetty Hotel, and a few caravan parks, which are mix of tourist spots and residential. There has been a lot of renovation going on around the lake. There is a brand new kids playpark, and a cycle track which goes all the way around the lake. We have covered about 12kms of it so far and are keen to go and explore some more.

Long exposure shot just before sunset with the jetty in the background

The cycle track winds its way past the back of peoples gardens on the banks of the lake. There are numerous Kids Play Parks which have been built around the track , making it perfect for our family bike rides, as you can stop off every 20 mins somewhere different. It is a nice peaceful track with plenty of room to pass other cyclists. There are plenty of good vantage points to take in the view.

Looking out over the lake

There are three jetties on the east side of Tuggerah Lake, with Long Jetty, as the name would suggest being the longest. Just recently a beach has been built by the jetty with some lounge chairs. It is an awesome spot to spend a few hours, even if it is becoming more and more popular each time we go, especially on weekends!

My wife, Tash, and the kids looking out over the water

Whenever we go to Long Jetty I try and time it to end with a sunset photography shoot, as it is among one of the most scenic spots to capture it on the Central Coast. Unfortunately if this on a weekend you could find yourself jostling for a prime shooting position with up to 20 other photographers, that’s the most I have seen, and their line up of tripods. I have got my best shots from actually being on the jetty.

One of those magical sunsets when the sky exploded into colour

Long Jetty is a destination we will keep coming back to as it is one of our favourite places to cycle, and as summer is coming soon it will be a great spot for our Sunday barbeque.  Thank you very much for reading. If you would like to be notified of my next post in two weeks time, where the destination will be Mooney Mooney, please click the link on the right.




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